Perception Management: The Science

The need for influencing and changing public perception, whether for public affairs or commercial purposes, calls for clearly understanding current perception including how it came about, devising plans based on fresh ideas and mechanisms to reach goals and then implementing them effectively to yield solid and tangible results. Strategy Falcons is a Perception Management company that achieves tangible results whether they are tasked with creating a new perception or correcting an existing flawed one.

When it comes to managing perceptions en masse advertising, media production and public relations operations alone cannot achieve goals. Add special events and projects that are highly visible on the ground with full communications support and a powerful machine is in action; yet invisible to the public. Whereas Strategy Falcons utilizes direct communications processes, indirect communications operations are vital for success. Our operations that are devised to achieve goals in the most effective manner have also proven to be much more cost efficient than traditional schemes.

Past projects completed by Strategy Falcons for private sector companies include Reputation Management operations for companies that had sustained damage in the market or companies that needed to brand themselves at a position higher than the competition. Past public sector projects include operations conducted to adjust erroneous public perception or creating new perception in different fields including politics, security, health, religion, social practices, education, gender equality, economics & business and sports.

Strategy Falcons functions in the background and boasts top confidentiality and protection of data and operational processes. Our emphasis on security is seen all throughout our operations. We do not boast our operations for clients nor show data and past plans.







Strategic Studies, Research


Strategic Studies, Research & Ongoing Scanning & Monitoring that yields clear and accurate understanding of reality on the ground as well as current public perception and what created such perception and why. Strategy Falcons scans & monitors traditional media and utilizes state of the art hardware and software to scan, analyze and continuously monitor all social media and online sites in several languages.

Strategic Planning


Strategic Planning that maps a sure road to the goals and targets of the client. Such action produces a step-by-step manual that is modular for flexibility yet powerful in effectiveness. Depending on the required goals a strategic plan usually incorporates several projects that will be implemented in parallel; some media related and others events and actions on the ground that influence public perception.

Strategic Action


Strategic Action that effectively implements the plans. Our goal-oriented experts engage on schedule to meet targets on deadline whatever their area of expertise or the job on hand. The Falcons utilize all necessary tools to achieve their set goals. They work together as an effective machine that delivers at the highest professional level.

Strategic Crisis Management


Strategic Crisis Management that dissolves problems or minimizes them because they were expected beforehand and therefore action is planned and ready for implementation including content necessary for communications. By being ready for the unexpected and the unseen, the Falcons have the ability to take effective action immediately before the crisis brews into a devastating monster.