Strategy Falcons is a group of limited liability companies registered in several major cities including Dubai, Amman, and Kuala Lumpur with offices and experts based where they are needed.

Strategy Falcons was launched in 2002 when experts who have been engaged in influencing public opinion for governments and private sector companies for many years came together under one group. Strength is in unity. By uniting their expertise, experience, resources and networks they form a formidable power in the industry.

The Falcons come from the Middle East, USA, Europe and Asia. They have vast experience in local realities (Social, Political, Economic, Culture & Tradition and Religion) as well as bilateral and multilateral relations. In addition to Communications Strategists some falcons were diplomats, top level traditional and new media experts, public relations experts and technocrats such as IT specialists, filmmakers, graphics and animation artists. Through the knowledge, know-how and past experiences of the Falcons in different fields and regions, Strategy Falcons boasts effective planning and powerful implementation abilities. Each Falcon has high-level expertise in a Strategic Communications or subject related field, and together as a group they form an effective Perception Management machine.



Natalya Kaspersky portrait

Natalya Kaspersky - President

Natalya Kaspersky, a global leader in IT and artificial intelligence, was elected the Strategy Falcons Group’s president in 2014.

Natalya is the co-founder of the global anti-virus company Kaspersky Lab in 1997 and was its CEO for 10 years until 2007 when she became Kaspersky Lab’s Chairman. In 2007 Natalya took CEO position and a major stake at InfoWatch Ltd which develops software against data leakage. She is an investor in Nanosemantix (chatbots); Kribrum (technology to monitor online media); G-Data which is a German Antivirus company. In 2011 InfoWatch acquired a major stake in a German GmbH that develops protection for enterprise end-points; EgoSecure.

Ramzi-Khoury-Photo small

Ramzi E. Khoury - CEO

Ramzi Khoury founded Strategy Falcons as the first company specialized in Perception Management in the Middle East in 2002 and since has implemented many operations in the Middle East, Europe, the USA and Asian markets.

He started his career in television in the United Kingdom in the early 80s and since then has held many positions in media, politics and the corporate world including Editor in Chief of daily newspapers and online media, film & program maker, adviser to Prime Ministers, Presidents, Governments and a Senior Adviser in the United Nations. He is a well established journalist, columnist, film maker and boasts large expertise in Strategic Communications utilizing traditional and online tools.

Ramzi is one of the few independent Perception Management scientists worldwide and is recognized for successfully taking on major challenges faced by both the public and private sectors.