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Public Affairs:

Whether it is targeted or popular campaigns, Strategy Falcons knows how to tap into the consciousness and imagination of people utilizing with expertise the local mentality that feeds from popular and unique cultural, religious, economic and socio-political realities.

Accurate information and true analysis empowers decision-making. Strategy Falcons creates comprehensive long-term campaigns that achieve required goals through utilizing a very powerful media network made up of traditional and new media outlets in support of unique indirect reach programs, advocacy and grassroots/grasstops projects that minimize risk and maximize results. Whereas the science of Perception Management utilizes all available means to achieve goals, its power lies in the ability to plan events on the ground that influence perception and communicate them correctly to the public.

Theory is useless without practical and effective means of application. Strategy Falcons has developed the mechanisms necessary for implementation of plans; therefore ensuring that its strategic planning doesn’t fall into the trap of inapplicable philosophy even as it incorporates unique and fresh ideas of action.

Most importantly, Strategy Falcons only takes on causes that it believes in, realizing that without true belief in the goal we must reach; it is not possible to reach it. By that, the group becomes part and parcel of the campaign, doing it from the heart.

Implementation of strategic plans is a comprehensive affair. From concept development, through event management and ensuring highest level of publicity, creating alliances and establishing popular bases to making the speech on behalf of the client or teaching client personnel how to be interviewed for success, Strategy Falcons takes it upon itself to ensure the triumph of its campaigns.