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What ensures long-term success is the reputation of a company. Is the brand recognizable? Does the Public Respect it? What is the market saying about the products and services? The big question: Is the company in full charge of its reputation and the reputation of its products and services or is it leaving it all to chance?

Corporations with a strategic long-term vision do not wait until damage has occurred in the market to engage a reputation management company. The company ensures it is in full control of its reputation all through the way. It is ready to act immediately upon any incident, because in many cases, when it comes to reputation, time is of the essence.

Strategy Falcons examines current reputation and determines strengths and weaknesses. It plans action that will strengthen the strengths in the public eye; at the expense of the weaknesses, and implements such actions utilizing the most powerful of technologies, knowledge and know how. Strategy Falcons builds reputation from the first block until a true fortress has risen on the ground. When a crisis erupts, in most cases action is ready for immediate implementation because we make it our business to expect the unexpected and be ready for it.

Meanwhile, Strategy Falcons also takes accounts to fix the reputation of companies damaged as a result of incidents, accidents, drastic errors, unexpected events or hostile campaigns that intend to damage the reputation of a company.

Strategy Falcons uses all available communications channels through which it delivers the content necessary to influence the perceptions of targeted audiences. But there is much more to Perception management than communications: Strategy Falcons creates the events on the ground and carries out powerful operations that offer the public the opportunity to See, Recognize, Realize, Understand, Adopt and therefore Believe.